Connotation of company logo

2023-03-25 11:14

The company logo adopts a combination of graphics and "HONGSEN" capital pinyin letters. The overall logo is a pictographic tree with the Chinese pinyin letter "HONGSEN". It represents the company's development as an evergreen tree, thriving and upward, and also symbolizes the corporate connotation of "efficient and stable development". This logo gives the public a feeling that it not only conforms to the traditional image of an evergreen tree in China, but also aligns with the concept of flexible and innovative management of enterprises. At the same time, it embodies the pioneering momentum of the enterprise's "based on the foundation, infinite expansion" and the development trend of "enduring the new". The theme color of the logo is red, green, and black. Red represents "active progress", green represents the environmental characteristics of the enterprise's products, and black represents "steady development", indicating that the source of enterprise development is technological progress and unlimited innovation.

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